Stephan Dillemuth & KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers), BERDORF GOODMAN

16.12.20 – 29.1.21

Ye Olde Year is coming to an end, the days are getting weaker, the
nights are getting darker and

..oh yes, it's Christmas time!

Moreover, the damn virus keeps us under its spell, locked up and
dissatisfied. We long for light and warmth, fed up with those dark
flibbertigibbets in the streets: We don't want to meet them, don't want
to have to talk to them. But even in the nest of our loved ones, it's
getting tight. We don't want to stay at home, we want to get out, no,
not meet people, we want to see beautiful, magical and enlightening
things! In short, we . want . to go shopping for distraction!

Well, folks, this is where Schwabinggrad in Munich brings a little
enlightenment! In deep sympathy with the existential crisis, we've asked
Santa Kaya and Claus Dillemuth to team up for a graceful ambiance. Alas!
step closer and experience this wonderland of winter at Theresienstrasse

For only here can you see Kartell lamps perfected to the point of
recognizability. A warm and creamy yellow light pours into an enchanted
forest of birch trunks, a shattered hall of mirrors opens onto endless
snowlands! Like a virtuoso conundrum of mutual dissolution and
synthesis? Like the proliferation of the unique in eternal permeation of
illumination and illuminated?

Now at last you, my restless wanderer, my flâneur, my metropolitan, come
to rest in the face of our shop window. Deeply absorbed, your childhood
memories rise up - or were they the memories of "The Muppets Take
Manhattan"? - when you felt the warmth of those storefronts at 754 Fifth
Avenue in New York. When desire glowed from within and frost kissed your
cold cheeks! Who wouldn't have wanted that? The sublime in commodity form?

Then it was the separating pane of Bergdorf Goodmann, today it is the
shop window of Schwadbinggrad that comforts and edifies you because it
makes the sublime sparkle in your heart as much ad the commodity form in
the arts.