Motoko Ishibashi, BEGINNING OF THE END

02.12.21 – 02.2.22

Theresienstrasse 154
80333 München
Motoko Ishibashi
02.12.2021 – 05.02.2022

NEW! 02:00:40 12-11–2021
Theme: Lonely mumbles

I woke up in the evening so I don’t know the weather.

(Lv.1) I need the power of empathy. I started to try and be more aware of others. Should I close my eyes or place my index finger between my eyebrows and forehead and pose like “I’m focusing”? I actually don’t know what the fuck the “power of empathy” means.

(Lv.2) Is it because I never made any effort to talk to people? Maybe it’s no good to try only once. Ok, let’s grow my ability of empathy. Tuning into my self-awareness is very important.

(Lv.3) On this level I have some power of empathy. I can control and use it by myself. my consciousness level is high. I feel like I know what it is now.

(Lv.4) With my discipline I can feel the power of empathy in my skin and no longer need to try to be aware of it.

(Lv.5) If I reach this far I can probably cope with the herd mentality. I feel that I understand the system of society and people’s movements. I’m no longer socially vulnerable. I’m surprised and scared of myself.

(Lv.6) I understand what others are thinking clearly. My communication skills have achieved a level of mind reading.

(Lv.7) I thought mind reading is a technical process from communication skills, but it’s not. I can use telepathy too. Am I psychic now? Should I tell my parents? nah I should tell my best friend first, if I only had one.

(Lv.8) If I think of myself being psychic, I feel like my consciousness has already come out of my body and I have become a tulpa.

(Lv.9) Is it because I became a tulpa I can even feel quantum energy?

(Lv.10) My body perhaps is becoming free, even against time.

(Lv.11) Did I just arrive at the door of truth? I understand the world. Does the world understand me?

(Lv.12) Yes, I have reached truth. I don’t have a body, I am a substance and truth, I’m a concept.
I just only wanted some communication skill though..

By the way it’s an old story so whatever, I was talking to one of my very few friends Matsumoto, and at some point of our conversation I told him that I’d never seen a clitoris. To me it's a vague existence. The clitoris is just a ‘conception’. I remember that he laughed at me a lot. I don’t think it’s that embarrassing.

This was first time that I worked hard on leveling up myself and it was so meaningful.

Well, anyway I’m going to bed now.

Good night, everyone lol

I want to level from13 - 20 tomorrow.

Looking forward to it.
Text by Cobra